Time for a new will?

August 2020

Is it time you updated your will?

If you have not got a will, or have not updated it for a while, it could be a good New Year's resolution to check that your will is going to protect your loved ones after your death. It is essential for you to consider making a will to ensure that your estate passes to those who you wish to benefit from it. A will keeps you in control of your financial affairs after your death and further, can save your dependents from various problems to include tax issues. Further, if you wish to pass on specific gifts, for example, a gift to a  charity, cash gifts to a friend or a piece of jewellery to a specific child, you are able to do so in your will.

Courtyard Solicitors offer low fixed fees for Wills


Individual Wills £250.00*
Two People £400.00*

*This is based on a straightforward will where everything is being left to 2 or 3 people with up to 4 specific other bequests and is subject to VAT

If you would like to discuss your will please don't hesitate to get in touch and one of our experienced solicitors will get back to you very shortly.






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