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Commercial Property Solicitors

Courtyard Solicitors LLP's Commercial Property Department is headed by the senior partner Sean White. The Property Department has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of property law and related matters as individual members have practiced in this area from between 9 and 30 years. With this wealth of experience, we are able to offer a fast and comprehensive service which is tailored to our client's individual requirements.

We can also advise you on matters such as liquor licensing applications both for individuals and for premises;  the preparation of business plans and presentations to banks and other financial institutions;  company formation etc. 

Our aim is to provide you with a service both in terms of expertise and speed which you would expect from a City firm but at a much lower cost in view of our location.

Our firm has departments dealing with other areas of law such as company formation, employment, dispute resolution, wills, and probate. We are able, when the need arises, to refer you to one of these specialist departments so that all of your matters can be dealt with in one place.

Ask a Solicitor for a fixed fee of £96.00 including VAT

If you have a legal question or problem then this gives you the opportunity to meet with a solicitor who specialises in the relevant area of law and obtain advice for up to 45 minutes at a fixed fee and without any obligation to take the matter further if you do not wish to do so. 

What is included in the fixed fee?

A 45-minute face to face meeting with a solicitor who specialises in Commercial Property. Practical advice and guidance. It is up to you how the time is spent be it on advice, consideration of documents (limited to what can be done in 45 minutes) or help in drafting a letter.

Please note that this service is not available for advice in connection with the effect of signing mortgage documents. We do provide this service but the fixed fee for this is £150.00 plus VAT.