What is A Legal Business Health Check?

When managing a company, owners or directors are fully involved in the day to day aspects of making your business a success. Rarely do you find time to thoroughly identify and assess all of the business risks that your company faces, and more importantly decide how you can mitigate these risks to ensure your business survival.

We at Courtyard Solicitors are here to help you and your business. Working with you, we will complete a detailed evaluation of your company and seek to provide you with a simple but valuable legal ‘Health Check’ summarising the key risks that exist for your business and advice on how best to improve your operations. No matter what size or how long you have been in business, there will be a variety of areas that we can provide assistance with, such as:

  • Employment and employee matters - contracts, policies, benefits.
  • Legal structure – formation, impact of new legislation and recommended structure.
  • Terms and Conditions of business - liability, contracts.
  • Insurance - building, liability cover.
  • Finance - finance documents, funding options and business plans

At the end of the Health Check you will receive a written document summarising all of the areas covered and highlighting what we believe to be the key areas that may require attention along with our suggested solutions. For a fixed fee you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are running your business in the most effective and risk free way that is possible.

If you are interested in making use of this most valuable service, please contact us now on 0208 946 9466 or email legal@courtyardsolicitors.co.uk and we can arrange a meeting to discuss your potential needs.