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Courtyard Litigation Solicitors

Courtyard Litigation Solicitors will assess your case and seek to settle the problem in your best interests without incurring the very significant fees and expense of going to court.  Sometimes the issue may be resolved with a handful of telephone calls. In other cases, such as a difficult neighbour dispute, we may advise working with a skilled mediator.  

Before advising on funding your case Courtyard Litigation Solicitors need to learn about it: we can offer fixed fees for different stages of work and will investigate whether alternative sources of funding such as a Conditional Fee Agreement or Damages-Based Agreement may be suitable.  Such solutions can be useful when money is tight.

Experienced Litigation Solicitors 

All Courtyard Litigation Solicitors' work is handled by experienced solicitors from start to finish to help you get the outcome you desire and we strive to offer legal advice without jargon.

Let Courtyard Litigation Solicitors help you resolve your issue quickly and cost-efficiently as we advise on  litigation in the following areas:

•    Commercial & Personal Litigation
•    Inheritance Tax Claims and disputes over wills and estates
•    Partnership Disputes
•    Court of Protection cases
•    Professional negligence cases
•    Neighbour disputes

Courtyard Solicitors has a team of highly experienced litigation solicitors, please email us if you would like advice.