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Business Solicitors


The Business Department at Courtyards Solicitors LLP is headed by Sean White.

The Commercial Department can offer your business a helping hand when it comes to dealing with any company or commercial aspects that affect you. They can draw on their own previous experience to produce solutions and advice that is tailored and relevant to the needs of you and your business to ensure that you maintain legal compliance as well as making you an attractive business partner.

We appreciate the key aims and objectives in any commercial matter and are able to provide advice in relation to contracts for business, consumer contracts, and supply contracts that affect you as the individual and any business matter.

We will do the hard work and investigation that means you can have complete confidence that the advice that you are being given is targeted and relevant whilst also protecting you from unfair terms in any consumer contracts.

Business Advice Meeting £195 plus VAT

If you are a sole trader, partnership, limited company or LLP there will, at times, arise matters where you need specialist legal advice.

Our fixed fee business advice meeting provides you with a face to face meeting with a solicitor specialising in the relevant area of law for up to 90 minutes.  It is for you to decide how this time should be spent.  It could be discussing a specific problem or advising you on a letter or document or helping you to prepare a letter or document.  If you wish we can consider documents prior to your attending at our office (time spent on this will be included within the 90 minutes).

We believe that this service gives you the opportunity to obtain expert legal advice at a fixed fee and without the obligation to take matters further if you do not wish to do so.

Please note that if your issue is of a contentious or difficult nature, and it is unlikely that we will be able to provide you with a satisfactory service within 90 minutes, we will advise you of our fees once we know more about your matter.