Worried about going to court?

October 2017

This video from The Law Society should reassure you that from a legal point of view you are in good hands in England and Wales. Solicitors explain the benefits of English and Welsh law and the solicitor profession. 

English and Welsh law is a legal tradition that is uniquely rich with a well established heritage that goes back for centuries offering clarity, continuity and predictability. The English and Welsh judges in court are extremely well trained and have had experience of arguing cases themselves so they do not just come from an academic point of view. The time efficacy of English and Welsh law is quick and reliable.

Overall, this is a reassuring video to watch if you are going through any sort of legal issue and are contemplating going to court. 

For any more information you can contact one of our expert legal advisers today through our contact page. You can also read our blog about the cost of going to court and what your options are.