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Solicitors in Devon

Are you looking for Solicitors in Devon?

Courtyard Solicitors are highly qualified, experienced and friendly solicitors covering all of Devon.

Courtyard Solicitors specialise in Conveyancing, Wills, Probate, Litigation, Property, Business and Family Law. The lawyers at Courtyard Solicitors have wide-ranging expertise in their respective areas of law and are accredited by The Law Society. They pride themselves on avoiding the use of confusing legal jargon and instead try to make sense out of what can sometimes be a confusing situation. We seek to solve our clients’ problems without delegating them to junior or inexperienced staff in order to help you get the outcome you want.

Great Value Solicitors in Devon

We strive to offer a competitive and efficient service to our clients by offering great-value, fixed fees, where possible so our clients don't have to worry about their legal costs spiralling out of control.

Experienced Devon Solicitors

We like to think we never lose sight of the need for all clients to be able to speak directly to the person dealing with their matter. We realise it’s important for our clients to have ready access to their lawyer as soon as possible, in order to answer questions and resolve queries.

If you would like an experienced solicitor to discuss your matter with you, with please don't hesitate to contact us.




Conveyancing Solicitors in Devon

Courtyard Solicitors LLP are experts in conveyancing, we are accredited by the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme to give you peace of mind during what can often be a stressful period in negotiating a house sale or purchase. Courtyard Solicitors also offer low fixed fees for Convayancing and all the legal work is carried out by senior solicitors as we do not delegate to junior colleagues.

Wills & Probate Solicitors in Devon

Courtyard Solicitors have extensive experience in this area and can help you prepare a will or obtain a grant of probate. Again the work in this area is only carried our by experienced solicitors and all for a low fixed fee wherever possible.

Experienced Litigation Solicitors in Devon

All Courtyard Solicitors' Litigation work is handled by experienced solicitors from start to finish to help you get the outcome you desire and we strive to offer legal advice without jargon.

Let Courtyard Litigation Solicitors help you resolve your issue quickly and cost-efficiently as we are experts in litigation and the following areas:

• Commercial & Personal Litigation
• Inheritance Tax Claims and disputes over wills and estates
• Insolvency & Debt
• Landlord & Tenant Matters
• Partnership Disputes
• Court of Protection cases
• Professional negligence cases
• Neighbour disputes

Courtyard Solicitors in Devon Experts in Property Law

Courtyard Solicitors in Devon are experts in dealing with landlord and tenant law, so if your landlord is not fulfilling their obligations, or you are having problems with a tenant come and speak to us first as we will be able to help you resolve your problem.

Business Solicitors in Devon

The Business Law Department at Courtyard Solicitors LLP is headed by Sean White.

Our Commercial Department can offer your business a helping hand when it comes to dealing with any company or commercial aspects that affect you. They can draw on their own previous experience to produce solutions and advice that is tailored and relevant to the needs of you and your business to ensure that you maintain legal compliance as well as making you an attractive business partner.

We will do the hard work and investigation that means you can have complete confidence that the advice that you are being given is targeted and relevant whilst also protecting you from unfair terms in any consumer contracts.

We offer a business advice meeting for as little as £195+VAT.

Family Law Solicitors in Devon

Courtyard Solicitors in has its own family law department with extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of family law. Our professional team of family solicitors has practiced in this area from between 6 and 30 years. With this wealth of experience, Courtyard Family Law Solicitors are able to offer a fast and comprehensive service which is tailored to our client's individual requirements.

Courtyard Family Law Solicitors offer our male and female clients an equal service and we have solicitors in this department who have experience in dealing with sensitive matters. So if your relationship is struggling please don’t hesitate to contact us.